Learn about TikTok dropshipping policy 2023

In this article, you will learn about TikTok dropshipping policy 2023. TikTok has launched a seller central option that allows sellers to sell their products online without leaving the platform. It attracts merchants from all around the world to sell their items on TikTok by utilizing various business strategies.

Many entrepreneurs looking for the TikTok dropshipping policy because many companies sell their products through this model on other e-commerce platforms. Before further discussion about TikTok’s dropshipping policy let’s talk about what dropshipping actually is.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model in which a retailer does not hold inventory on hand. Instead, they send consumer orders and shipment information to the supplier, who sends the items directly to the customer. The gap between wholesale and retail pricing generates a profit for the retailer.

TikTok dropshipping policy?

TikTok does not have a policy specifically targeting dropshipping, it does have basic principles that all businesses must follow. Let’s discuss the general guidelines that may influence TikTok’s dropshipping policy.

  • Prohibited or Restricted Products

TikTok forbids the selling of some unlawful or unsuitable items, including adult material, guns, and narcotics. Dropshipping businesses should be aware of these limits and avoid selling or advertising any forbidden or restricted items.

  • Multi warehouse system

TikTok seller central only permits orders to be fulfilled at 20 different warehouse locations. To add a new warehouse address, sellers must submit a “Smart approval form.” Drop shippers will have a tough time adhering to this rule.

  • Product Packaging

They only allow displaying of appropriate labels on the exterior of the boxes. It demonstrates that the usage of branded boxes and other company labels on the boxes is forbidden, resulting in a policy violation. Drop shippers must contact their suppliers and request that transparent boxes with their labels be sent.

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