How to Access Facebook LLaMA

The recent decade promised a new technology boom in the field of AI. Recently chatGPT popularity puts tech leaders’ attention to speed up their work in this field. As a result, Facebook announces to launch of its own large langue model called “LLaMA”. It will be a conversational tool to chat with. If you have a question just write it and you will get an AI-based response on the problem mentioned in the question. 

It can be used for generating a textual response to any research question, writing poetry, and music. In the future, you will also see that LLaMA is used in many other real-life applications.

What is a large language model?

The question arrives here, what is a large language model? It is a type of machine learning model that uses deep neural networks to process and generate text similar to human language. These models are specially trained by providing them with a huge amount of textual data. This data comes from books, articles, and websites. It helps models to learn patterns and relationships within languages to produce appropriate responses.  The chat GPT from OpenAI, Google’s BERT from Google, and now the LLaMA from Meta (Facebook) are examples of large language models.

Where to access LLaMA?

Recently Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook announced that they are going to launch LLaMA publically. The quest for accessing LLaMA is increasing as every tech lover wants to try it immediately. Now you can access LLaMA by Meta a parent company of Facebook by the following link.

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