C++ program to interchange two numbers

In this article, you will learn a C++ program to interchange two numbers. We can interchange two numbers by using the same technique as swapping.

For this program, we will use a “temp” as a supporting variable to temporary hold the value. If we have two numbers 4 and 7, After interchange 7 becomes 4, and 4 becomes 7.

Let’s look at the program.

Example 1: C++ program to interchange two numbers

//C++ program to interchange numbers
using namespace std;

int main()
int number1, number2, temp;
cout<<"Enter first number: ";
cout<<"Enter second number: ";
cout<<"First numbr afer interchange: "<<number1<<endl;
cout<<"Second number after interchange: "<<number2<<endl;
return 0;


cpp program to interchange two numbers

 Description: Interchange two numbers

  • Take two numbers from the user and store them into variables “number1” and “number2”
  • Initialize the third variable named “temp” to temporary hold the value
  • Assign “number1” value to “temp” variable
  • Now assign the “number2” value to “number1”
  • In the end, assign the “temp” value to “number2”
  • Display the interchanged value on the console screen.