C++ Execution Environment

In this article, we will learn about how to write and run C ++ code. We need two things to write the C++ code and run it successfully. The combination of both is known as the C++ Execution Environment.

1. Text editor

2. Compiler

Let’s take a look at how they both help us to run the code.

Text editor

C++ requires a text editor to write the code. Like Notepad is enough to write the code. After writing the code we save the code file with “.cpp extension”.


It converts our written code from high-level language to assembly code so that the computer can easily understand it. GCC is the most widely used open-source compiler for C++ programming. It is an important part of the C++ Execution Environment.

Note: There are so many IDEs available in the market that are free and paid. They have all the functionality to run C++ programs like text editors, compilers, and other C++. Some common IDEs are Dev C++, Code Blocks, Turbo C++, Visual Studio, etc.

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