C++ Built-in Functions

C++ Built-in functions are the ready-made library functions. These are the part of the c++ programming language. C++ offers a large number of built-in library functions to solve programming problems faster and easier.

cpp built-in functions

There are many libraries in c++ with have different sets of functions like iostream, cmath, ctime, etc. We don’t need to declare and define built-in functions. We directly use them anywhere in our code.

Here is the list of libraries that provide a variety of functions to perform different tasks in c++.

iostream  Provide functions for general input and output
cmath  This function library is used to solve mathematical problems
ctime  This library provides a list of functions to deal with date and time
cstdlib  Functions for the general purpose
cstring  Provide functions to deal with strings
cctype Provide functions to classify and transform individual characters.
cfenvFunctions dealing with the floating-point environment
csignal Provide functions to deal with signals
csetjmpFunctions to manipulate call and return sequences
cucharThis function set provides support to 16-bit and 32-bit characters.
clocale Set of functions used to handle different localization routines.
cwctypeThis library provides a list of functions to classify and transform individual-wide characters.
cstdioProvide functions to deal with input and output
cwchar Provide functions to deal with wide strings.

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